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Aspen MLT, also known as Aspen Comics or Aspen Entertainment, is a comic book publisher founded by Michael Turner. The name derives from the character of Aspen Matthews, one of Michael's most popular characters, and the 'MLT' derives from Michael's initials.

The company was founded by Michael Turner in 2003 and have been creating and releasing comics and figurines ever since. They are currently based in California, and have headquarters in Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey.

They have published several volumes of series such as Fathom, Charismagic and Soulfire, and publish several other series, such as Critter and Shahrazad, through Big Dog Ink.

The founder, Michael Turner, worked for Top Cow Productions before he founded Aspen, and so many of the Aspen staff used to work for Top Cow as well. Some notable examples include:

  • Beth Sotelo - Former Producer at Top Cow, now a Colourist and Cover Artist for Aspen.
  • Frank Mastromauro - Former Director of Sales and Marketing for Top Cow, now Co-Owner, Writer and Editor for Aspen.
  • Mark Roslan - Former Inker and Letterer for Top Cow, now Vice-President, Writer, Letterer and Inker for Aspen.
  • Peter Steigerwald - Former Designer, Art Director and VP of Publishing and Design for Top Cow, now Co-Owner, Colourist, Cover Artist and former VP of Publishing for Aspen.
  • Vince Hernandez - Former Direct Sales Manager at Top Cow, now Editor-in-Chief, Editor and Writer at Aspen.
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