Aspen Matthews 001
Real Name
Aspen Matthews
Current Alias
Aspen, Dr. Matthews, Dr. M, Froggy
Rahger of The Black (father)
Eilah of The Blue (mother, deceased)
Finn (half brother)
Captain Matthews (adoptive father)
Chance Calloway (boyfriend)
Base Of Operations

5' 6" (171 cm)
Marital Status
Ph.D in Marine Biology from the University of San Diego, California
The Blue, The Black
Aspen was born after Rahger of The Black seduced Eilah of The Blue in order to save his race, The Black, from extintion.
Place of Birth
First appearance


Raised in the world above, Aspen Matthews is truly caught between two worlds and she's the daughter of two race of underwater dwellers called the Blue and the Black, making her the most powerful being of all.


Aspen is biologically the daughter of Eilah of The Blue and Rahger of The Black. In order to save his race Rahger, leader of The Black, decided that his people needed to breed with the newer race of waterkin. To accomplish this, Rahger seduced Eilah of The Blue, the only successful mating of the two races.

When Aspen was eleven years old (Year 1984 in the comics), she and her older brother, Finn, came home from a late night swim to discover their parents being murdered by a group of dissidents led by Killian. They fled, stealing a ship and heading away as fast as possible. Killian's people followed them but their ship exploded and they were presumed dead. Aspen's latent powers activated and she survived. Her brother, on the other hand, was hit by a beam and disappeared (It was later revealed that the beam caused his body to become permanently water-based). Aspen somehow wound up on a ship called Paradise.

Found and Adopted by Captain Matthews


Found by Captain Matthews

She was found by the crew of the ship who alerted Captain Matthews, who was a passenger on the ship, because their Captain was busy with the other passengers. Though she didn't remember what she was, she never forgot her love for the water. Aspen never called Captain Matthews "dad" or "father", she always referred to him as " Captain Matthews," even though it was too formal, she just became used to it. Captain Matthews was mostly away due to his service to the U.S. Navy.

Olympic Swimmer


Olympic Glory

She was an excellent swimmer and even made it to the 1988 Olympics in Korea at the age of fifteen. After winning a gold medal and breaking the world record by thirty seconds, the committee forced her to take a drug test. She tested negative for performance enhancing drugs, but an analysis of her blood showed that she induced Erythrocythemia (also known as blood doping), an illegal form of performance enhancing in which a person injects themselves with their own blood, increasing their red blood cells, endurance, and oxygen capacity (It is most likely due to her being a Blue and a Black). This ended her career as a professional swimmer. Aspen was disqualified from the 1988 competition, banned from the 1992 and 1996 Olympic games, and "disgraced her country." After this tragedy, she became a Marine Biologist in order to have a job that kept her in the water most of the time.

The World Below

Deep Marine Discovery

Aspen Matthews 029


Aspen is now a marine biologist and was at San Diego, California swimming around. Aspen was getting ready to go to the airport because she was invited to join a team that was investigating a strange ship they had found at the bottom of the sea as well as its occupant, Killian. The ship couldn't be moved, so the team was set up at a DMD base (Deep Marine Discovery) beneath the sea near the ship. She didn't know it at the time, but the ship belonged to her people and they were watching the human scientists. Unfortunately for Aspen, she was forced to travel to the DMD base with her ex-boyfriend from her first research job, Jack. Upon arriving at the DMD base, she was introduced to the Director of DMD, Alexander Jarvis, who took Aspen and Jack on a tour. After Director Jarvis showed Aspen the Blue’s ship, she catches her first glimpse of Cannon Hawke. She later began doing her job and started analyzing the ship trying to figure out its origin. Afterwards, Director Jarvis would take Aspen to the laboratory, where he shows her Killian. Aspen was shocked to discover that this is the same species that she encountered when she was young. At the same time, a pilot of the US Navy named Chance was testing out a prototype plane that could fly underwater. He encountered some of the Blue and fired a torpedo at them. However, they avoided it and the missile headed straight for the DMD base instead. The missile then locked on to the heat signature of the power generators and headed straight for it. It destroys the generator and things seemed to calm at first. However, rocks broke apart and fell on to the DMD. Eventually, the crew would all be killed when water begun flooding the base. Director Jarvis took a Blue armor and left while everyone else was fending for their lives. Aspen and Jack were locked in the laboratory as it was the only thing keeping the water out. Eventually, the water would break through and begin flooding the lab. Jack tries to reconcile with Aspen, but Aspen decides to free Killian in the tank hoping he could save them, but was not able to break the tube and free Killian. the water began to fill up quickly and Aspen found herself engulfed in water. As she stood there underwater, she eventually passed out. Killian was able to break out of the tube, he then grabs Aspen and pulls her out of the base. As Killian continues to pull her, he is attacked by a stranger that made of water. The two battle, but Killian has back-up arrive. Fortunately for the water stranger, humans arrived. The water stranger then touched Aspen and activated her powers. Chance is able to recover Aspen and takes her to the Oahu General Hospital at Honolulu, Hawaii. At the hospital, the doctors do some tests on Aspen and discover abnormality in her body. She has something that looks similar to a tumor in her brain, but it's actually just brain tissue. They also discover that she had four to five times the lung capacity of an Olympic swimmer.

Unexpected Ally


Friend or Foe?

Aspen eventually reawakens two days later and was greeted by Akiko (Cannon Hawke’s assistant). The two begin to talk about how they were able to escape and that it was a sign to start a new life. Aspen was still confused at how she was able to escape and remembered the “ocean” was talking to her. Aspen would soon be released from the hospital and was allowed to return to her home in San Diego. Chance would eventually meet up with Aspen at her San Diego home. He talks to her about how he saw her dissolve into water just like the enemy that he was firing at. The next morning, Aspen went to buy some bagels where she was drugged and abducted by some government lackeys. Meanwhile, Cannon had been keeping an eye on Aspen from a distance and immediately followed her as soon as she was kidnapped. Aspen was soon turned over to Killian, however, Cannon was able to retrieve Aspen from Killian. Killian was able to retake Aspen from Cannon. Cannon then fought one of his men and was able to render him unconscious. Aspen was allowed to swim around for awhile as she continued to try and figure out some answers. However, her fun soon stopped as Killian and his army confronted her. Killian tells her the truth about her origins and also tells her of their plans to fight the humans, who endanger their way of life. Aspen became excited that she is now living a fantasy in reality, and Killian begins to teach her to control her powers. Aspen was soon ready and she would be put to the test. Off the shores of Costa Rica, Killian planned for Aspen to attack a Japanese Naval facility while he and others backed her up if she makes any mistakes. They would engage against a group of soldiers and Aspen makes her first kill.

First Kill

The humans had tested a hydrogen bomb and had accidentally destroyed a Blue city, causing a lot of commotion among the Blue. Killian had always hated humans but with the destruction of a city, he was able to gather followers. At the time it wasn't known why, but Aspen had water controlling abilities far greater than other Blues. (This was because she was part Black, but that wasn't revealed until much later.) Killian planned to have Aspen use these abilities to power a massive energy source known as the Blue Sun which they would use as a weapon against the humans. Back at Easter Island, Killian had Aspen prepare herself to operate the Apparatus. Aspen is successful in activating it and shortly afterwards, she has a little chat with Kyla, who tells her not to let Killian push her around. Next, Kyla and Aspen headed near New Zealand, where the second installation of the Apparatus was located. Aspen meets Taras and then activated it easily. Next, they headed for another Apparatus installation at a place where a Blue army was gathering. As they readied Aspen to power the final installation, but Cannon Hawke and his team arrives just before she was to activate it. Kyla then revealed that she was working for Cannon undercover and a battle ensues. Aspen was pinned down by Taras, but was easily defeated. Cannon tries to reason with Aspen but she knocks him away from her. After Cannon talks to Chance on his ear piece, Aspen finally calms down. Meanwhile, Killian had allied himself with Director Jarvis, and without Aspen, he is forced to use the water stranger that saved Aspen earlier. Kyla reveals to Aspen that Killian has lied to Aspen and she tried to keep Aspen sane for the time being. Taras then kills Kyla while she was talking to Aspen. It quickly angered Aspen and she displays the potential of her power. They picked up Kyla and headed to rescue Chance, who was drowning in Cannon’s ship. They hide in a safe spot where Kyla told her that they weren't a warlike race and that most Blue didn't want to kill the humans. Kyla dies soon afterwards. Cannon then reveals her past to her, he tells Aspen that she was well loved as a child of the Blue, and that her parents were well respected. He reveals that she had a brother, and when she was eleven years old, she and her brother were swimming outside their parent’s place when an attack happened. Her parents were killed and Cannon was rendered useless. The perpetrator was Killian and his Dissidents. Aspen would unleash her latent ability and was able to escape. Aspen realized her mistake and went with Cannon to stop Killian.

Aspen Reborn



By the time they reached him, Killian had already activated the Blue Sun and a beam of energy was blasting from space and making a hole in the ocean, and the energy was getting stronger every second. Aspen, Chance, and Cannon headed for a place called the Chanarnay, which translates to “Valley of Stairs” and is a historical place for the Blue. Cannon then tells Aspen that if Killian succeeds in drilling a hole there, it would become a big catastrophe. Killian would fire a blast at Cannon, and then Cannon engages against Taras. Cannon eventually throws Taras into the Blue Light. The Blue beam would cause the ground to break, causing Aspen and Killian to fall below. Aspen was knocked out and Killian threw her in the beam, he then began battling Cannon. The beam had destroyed Aspen's body, but she reformed herself out of a mixture of energy and water. She came back out just as Killian was beating Cannon. She took Killian apart molecule by molecule and told Cannon to run while she stopped the Blue Sun. Turning fully into energy, she flew up to the Sun and destroyed it, causing a chain reaction which destroyed the three Apparatus. The hole in the ocean closed up and just when Cannon had given up on the thought that Aspen had survived, she came up out of the water looking completely normal.

The Spelunker

Aspen Matthews 017

Redy for the Hunt

After the events of Blue Sun, a monster appeared at Sea World during one of Shamu’s shows. Meanwhile, Aspen had been staying at her place near the beach while Chance laid low, as he was still U.A. (Unauthorized Absence). While Aspen was surfing, she encounters the giant monster and decides to swim after it. A weird vehicle swims right by Aspen and she sees a man saluting her inside. Back at home, she tries to research the monster on the internet. Someone knocks on her door and Aspen opens it to see an old man who does not know who she is or why she is there. They talk for a while and it only confuses Aspen more. After the lights go out, she lights a candle he begins acting like he remembers what he was supposed to do. He puts his helmet on Aspen and tells her to go outside and in his self-made submarine to go after Big Moe. She somehow became part of his team and they both went after the sea monster together on his weird, self-made submarine. He tells her his name is Baha and proceeds to putting on armor for Aspen to protect her. They found the beast, however, there was more then one. Eventually, Aspen would have to leave the submarine and fight the three beasts. Aspen did not want to kill the creature, but was forced to kill two of them. However, she did let one of them go since the old man will never actually capture it. After a short fight in which Aspen and Baha (the old man) almost died, Big Moe escaped. Aspen didn't follow Baha as he left to continue the hunt, she had already had too much adventure in the short time they spent together.

Resurrection of Taras

435106-sara lara aspen

Aspen, Lara & Sara

Aspen is taking a vacation in the mountains, snowboarding with her roommate Tyler Kincair. The duo are forced to return early from their trip as Tyler injures her ankle on the ski slopes. Meanwhile, after spending a night with Lara Croft, Cannon Hawke is kidnapped by agents of the Arctic Blue. Their leader Vana's son (Taras) was killed by Cannon during the events of Blue Sun and she wanted to fix that. She planned to use Cannon's body to remake her son, so she had Biranha, her other son, abduct him. Lara soon discovered him missing and contacted her friend Sara Pezzini to have her get Aspen, since Cannon had been talking about her and Lara knew what she was capable of. Aspen and Sara went to meet up with Lara but before they could, they too were attacked by the Arctic Blue. Sara uses her Witchblade but one of the Arctic Blue liquefied himself and disappeared. She went to check up on Aspen, who had been thrown through a window into a club. They were then confronted by the other Arctic Blues and were kidnapped and brought to their base. Lara watched from a distance and evaded capture, she eventually made her way to the base to bust everyone out. Meanwhile, after Sara and Aspen woke up, Aspen told her about the underwater race and Sara told her about the Witchblade. Lara infiltrated the Arctic Blue’s base and snuck around until she found Cannon, horribly disfigured. Lara confronts Biranha and Vana, then begins shooting at them. They attacked back and Lara was forced to retreat. Meanwhile, Sara would use the Witchblade to destroy the machine that was holding them. Lara then comes through the door to greet the two. Lara escorts the two out of the base as there would be more room to fight outside. Lara then reveals that Cannon had been altered and that she owed a debt to him, and also that he was one of her few friend. She then tells the two how she met Cannon. Lara had been offered a job to retrieve a jewel where one of her top competition failed. Lara arrived at the last know area where her competition was and grabbed the jewel. However, a boulder fell onto her and trapped her. She would reawaken to see that Cannon had rescued her. Cannon dives off her yacht and she turns the jewel over to the person who offered her a job. Cannon shows up as an acquaintance of the buyer, surprising Lara. Lara then tells the two that this place is like a military complex, and they headed for a vacant ship to retrieve the Arctic Blue’s weapons. The three of them went back for Cannon and would be discovered, Lara shoots and destroys their ship and causes the ground to break. Sara falls through the hole and finds herself in another level of the complex. Lara and Aspen headed for Cannon while Sara was captured by the Arctic Blue. The Arctic Blue then threw Sara in the water and proceeded to “practice” on her. Sara uses her Witchblade to defeat the Arctic Blues that were attacking her under water. Aspen ended up fighting Vana while the Lara got Cannon and Sara battle Biranha. Vana would overpower Aspen and began freezing her, however, Aspen would stab Vana with one of the icicles on her face. With Cannon free, Taras' body (which had been using Cannon's body to grow) died and Vana went mad with grief, destroying the entire mountain base in a blast of ice. Aspen and the others barely made it out in time with the help of the Witchblade.

Into the Deep


Aspen had been having dreams of her mother and a mysterious stranger. Later, she quietly stands above the ocean to gather her thoughts. Aspen then fell into the water and sees a ship emerge. She meets Kiani, Killian's daughter for the first time, who was with Cannon. Kiani tells Aspen if she wanted to learn about her parents, then to come with them. They realize that balls of water began forming near major cities. Aspen meets Casque for the first time and begun asking questions. However, they were interrupted by a group of dark dwellers, who had broken through their ship. A battle breaks out and Kiani was able to fend off some of the dwellers from Aspen. Aspen then gets abducted by one of the dwellers that emerge out of the ocean. They took Aspen down under the ocean to another underworld city inhabited by a race called "The Black". Aspen discovers Casque in one of the rooms. Casque tells Aspen that the only way for him to find her was to follow his brethren the Black. Casque tells her that he will answer all her questions and begins telling her the history of the Black and Blue. Casque reveals that the Black are regarded as “Gods” to the Blue and that Aspen is a hybrid of a “mortal” and a “God,” which is why Killian killed her parents and tried to manipulate her. Casque then offers to introduce Aspen to her biological father. Aspen meets her biological father, Ragher. Aspen learns that her mother, who was a Blue, was secretly in love with a Ragher, who was a Black. Therefore Aspen is half Blue and half Black and is the reason why she has such extraordinary control over water. Ragher tells her that the reason he decided to contact her now is that because their worlds are in peril. He reveals that he needs her to punish the humans for their wrong doings. Aspen, who had heard the same thing from Killian, uses her powers and pushes her father away. As Aspen attempts to leave the city, she discovers similar markings to the area where she killed Killian.

Searching for Captain Mathews

When Aspen returns to the surface, she heads back to her home. However, her roommate had a job overseas and there was a new and dirty roommate. She went to her room and grab a few stuff before she tried calling her father, Captain Matthews. Captain Matthews did not pick up and Aspen did not know what to do, eventually she stumbles across a magazine with a jet pilot on it, and remembers about Chance. Aspen uses her abilities to sneak into the men’s locker room while Chance was showering. Chance later tells Aspen that Admiral Maylander had attacked one of the underwater cities. Chance decides to help Aspen out searching for Captain Matthews. At a gas station, Aspen tells Chance about what had transpired recently and they would continue their search for Captain Matthews. They eventually arrived at Captain Matthew’s home in the desert to find no one there, but the door was unlocked. They enter the home and Aspen finds Captain Matthews in his room lying on his bed. They quickly find out that it was a trap and all three of them are locked in the house. Aspen uses her powers to bust out of the house, but she is shot down by the army. They hop into Chance’s car and drive away, Aspen had began to dehydrate. They eventually end up at Hoover Dam and tosses Aspen into the water.

Saving the Dam

The army arrive shortly afterwards and subdued Captain Matthews and Chance. Luckily, Aspen regains her powers and unleashes her power on the army. A missile was launched at Aspen but ends up exploding on the dam, releasing tons of water. Aspen uses her powers to create a storm for the three of them to escape. She talks with Captain Matthews for a bit then talked with Chance, revealing her feelings for him and kisses him. A mysterious water figure emerges from the water and Aspen would reunite with her long lost brother, Finn, who mysteriously saved her during the Blue Sun. The army started to attack their underwater cities which nearly triggers a massive war. However, Aspen comes and helps fend off the army and since The Blue received so much damage, they could not retaliate. Finn asks Aspen to take him to Saba, the underwater city. However, once they arrived all they found were ruins. The humans were still there and began attacking Finn. Aspen catches Finn and protects him from incoming fire, long enough for Cannon to arrive with a ship and rescue the two. Finn reveals to Aspen that when they were escaping from Killian, he was shot by a beam transforming him to the water form, while Aspen was lost on the Paradise ship. They finally arrive at Muria where the ensuing battle between the Blue and the humans were taking place. Aspen jumps right in to help the Blue. After all the destruction, Aspen could not take it anymore and decides to unleash her full potential. She knocks the human ships out of the water and began attacking the Navy. Aspen eventually destroys most of the ships, ending the war. Aspen then met up with Captain Matthews and Chance at a house in Mexico.

War against Maylander

A few months after the war ends, the Black has planned on destroying the humans and the Blue, while Cannon found out about their movement. He also discover that Aspen's brother wasn't really him at all, it was Killian who was portraying as Finn all along and he told Aspen the truth about Killian. Kiani, now has her hatred on the humans joins her father to attack the humans while the Black destroys Rio de Janiero with great power of water. Aspen and Chance go on a rescue mission to save Finn from Chance's brother, Chris Calloway. The three finally reached Muria and Aspen confront Killian, but Killian wants to help her and her friends to defeat the Black, but Kiani has her ways by not joining with her father and she still wants revenge on the humans. Killian joins Aspen, Cannon and the rest of the Blue to fight the Black in Turkey where Maylander and his soldiers preparing to fight and allied with the Blue. As the Black prepare to attack the human surface for a final showdown with the Blue and the humans, Aspen confronts her father, Ragher once again. She fights back using her powers of the Black to defeat him, but Ragher's powers managed to electrocute her until Chance fires him with a experimental weapon that dries him up. While trying to help him get back in the water to recover, Ragher shows Aspen's true birthmark that she's still one of the Black. Aspen uses her power to stop the rest of the Black, but Casque who was on Ragher's side reveals to Aspen and told her the war is over and they took Ragher back to the deep for recovery. Aspen and Killian returned to the surface and Aspen found out that Kiani has killed Cannon. Aspen and Kiani fight against each other for the first time, but Aspen manages to destroy Kiani with the same power that she used against Killian. After the conflict, Aspen flees to Mexico with Chance and her adoptive Father, Captain Matthews.

World at War

Return to the Deep

Sometime after, Cannon travels to Mexico looking for Aspen, and when they finnaly meet again, Cannon tells her about Killian and Finn. He then takes her and Chance to Muria telling her that she needs to fight for them, but Aspen rejects prefering to save her brother. She then makes a alliance with a captured SEAL, agreeing to let him go after he helps her save Finn.

The Betrayal

With the Seal and Chance, they surface in Mexico, again, and then fly to the secret base where Chris Calloway is holding him, but during the trip, the SEAL trys to betray them by throwing Chance of the plane, but Aspen resolvs the situation by throwing the SEAL also of the plane and then saving both with her power, creating a gigantic bubble of water

Rescuing Finn

After taking out the guards of the base and adquiring an access card, Aspen and Chance finnaly are able to rescue Finn, but before they could leave the base, Chris Calloway, ordered an armored soldier to attack them, forcing Aspen to ask Chance to take Finn and leave Aspen behind, but Chris is able to cut them off. However after a distraction cause by Aspen, Chance is able to fight his brother and to disperce his forces, then hidding in Captain Matthews caravan.

Joining the War

After seeing the images of the conflict in the surface, Aspen finaly decides to join the war, beside Chance. They then return to the surface, where they meet with the Human leaders, but before the meeting could end The Black attacked again, forcing Aspen, Chance, Cannon, Siphon and Killian to join the fight.

Taking the fight to the Enemy

After leaving Chance on land, Aspen joins Killian on the Battle front facing her father's race, ending up meeting him again. Rahger attacks his daughter with energy, but Aspen is able to resist is and counter attacks. But Rahger is able to corner Aspen, however Aspen, being part Blue and Black is able to resist again, creating a body of water and energy.

Aspen's Awakening

During their fight, Rahger turned his body in water and finaly overpowers Aspen and was about to kill hher, however Anderson shot him with a special type of bullet that turned his body into crystal, but before he died, Rahger touched Apsen's necklace, finaly revealing her true powers. Rahger touch revealed Aspen's true power, but She decided to use it to stand for the world, batling every race at once, Humans, The Black and The Blue. Finaly ending the war with the Black, making them retreat.

Ending Kiani

After dealing with The Black, Aspen return only to see that Kiani killed Cannon, loosing control. after attacking her, Aspen is taken to the deep by Kiani that justifies her acts saying that everything is Apsen's fault, but Aspen doesn't falter and after a short exchance, Aspen uses her powers and apparently kills Kiani. After the war, Aspen is very shaken by its events and decides to leave everything behind, including Chance and her adoptive father, to try to find herself again.

Blue Descent

Return Home

After puting her relationship with Chance in pause, Aspen returned home in order to uncover the truth about her mother and stepfather dead, only to find out that her mother death was colateral damage because Killian's true target was her stepfather that sometime before condemned Killian for treason.

The Rig

Interrupting a hostage situation

Soon after, the U.S. Coast Guard finds themselves involved in a Hostage situation in International Waters, but, after looking through their binoculars, The Captain and the First Officer find out that Aspen somehow entered aboard the civilian boat. After one of the raptors finds her one of the others, holding a innocent woman with a blade threats to kill her, but Aspen, more at peace with herself, doesn't give them time activating her powers and taking down all the assailants. Then she returns to the oacean after hearing the Captain of the Coast Guard ship telling her to never meddle in the human problems again, leaving the base.

Saving the Vice President

After giving a lecture at the University of Oceanic Studies in Mimai, Aspen invites Judith and Collin to what she calls her home, a old oil platform. Aspen "Home" is, in reality, a state of the art scientific base dedicated to study the misteries of the Ocean and its depths. During their visit, they come across a secret room ocupied by Clive Sorentino, but only in body because an Ceratonotus Steininger has taken over him. After the creature finnaly takes over it attacks and manages to injure Aspen, but she is able to injure and eventually kill it, learning then that five government agents have been infected and have been assigned with "protecting" the Vice President. During Her pursuit to the five Government Agents Aspen comes across an american nuclear submarine but as they prepare their weapons she exits their radar range, leaving them with no other option other than contacting the continnent. When she reaches dry land, Aspen comes under heavy fire, but that is part of her plan to stir things, this way forcing the agents to isolate themselves and the vice president. Moments before they are able to kill the vice president, Aspen intervenes, saving him, leaving him under the protection of detective Jaye Gatskill, before starting a pursuit of the creatures, only to find out that one of them is the man Killian manipulated her to kill years before.

Azure Heart of the World

After saving the Vice president, Aspen, Judith and Dr. Collin Woreth travel to Saudi Arabia invited by the Sheik on a matter of life and death. Soon they learn that the man discovered a simingly endless scource of oil and crude. After a quick voyage in a custom made submarine, the team finds themselves in a impossible ocean, beneath a layer of molten lava, where never seen creatures lerk. After some time they come across a Human created creature swimming arround. Aspen tried to make first contact with Padma, but overpowered by fear, she attacked Aspen, that had only time to turn herself into water to avoid the creature's attacks, but soon the submarine where the rest of the group traveleld recieved a signal telling that something else was down there and after a brief search they come across several men wearing suits that easily capture Padma and after some resistance, Aspen.


Somtime later, Aspen is in a coma indussed by some scientists that aim to study her, but, after one of them takes a snif of her hair, she wakes up, and after destroyning the restraining colar arround her neck with water, she easily overpowers the single scientist left with her. After this she comes face to face with more scientists but she defeates them as easily and then scapes through a stained glass only to find out a alien ship, even to her.

Blackmailed by Nakamura

This thing was in fact a creature, living but not natural that apparently bled oil, but, after touching what appeared to be solid glass, Aspen was puled to the interior of the creature where she finds a man she saw die in the D.M.D. many years before. This man, fueled by a feeling of revenge procured Blue DNA which he cloned to try to replicate their living ships with limited success but he did not stopped there and soon they fabricated a helmet of liquid air. After this Aspen confronts the man, but she is stopped when another scientist arrives acopanning Dr. Collin, both wearing Liquid Air Helmets. Aspen, terrified by the actions of the man, tries to react, but again, Nakamura seems to know her to well and threats Judith, that was held captive by the Man's Forces. Aspen is then forced to do what Nakamura wants and show the Church of the Depths the Fear of God. Using her power and an hostage, Aspen interrupts a Stalemate, forcing the Church to put down their weapons. she then saves Padma that was being held, and after a short fight with her, both are taken down by the Churhc leader.

The Escape and Saving Judith

After providing a distraction, the forces of Nakamura attack the Church of the Depths, Aspen is able to free herself and then attacks a father of the Church, threatning to drown him. After escaping, the Father leads Aspen through the labirinth of the Churh until a locked door guarded by some soldiers loyal to the church. After some convincing they lead the Father and Aspen to the relative safety of that building until theuy come across Padma attacking everybody and everyone but not Aspen whom she saves. After keeping the Sheik and his entourage safe, Aspen starts following Nakamura only to find him floating, dead, killed by the entity possessing Judith. After a short search Aspen finds Judith threatning Nakamura's assistant, but the entity then turns it attention to Aspen, attacking her, subduing her with the bottom of the ocean, lukily Nakamura'se assistant, Ana Midori, provided a distraction that allowed Aspen to turn herself into water and after a short exchange, Aspen used her powers to expell the entity from Judith's body. Then they escape, with Collin, the Sheik and his entorage, Padma and her sister, aboard a submarine. After being returned home, the Sheik allowed Aspen, Collin and Judith to travel in one of his boats, to The Wave, Aspen scientific home, onlu to find it surrounded by several helicopters and ships as if to prepare her for her next adventure. Unfortunately, during her advetures in the secret ocean, the Feds shut down The Wave, leaving Aspen to search for a new beginning.

The Elite Saga

Saving Anya

Days after leaving The Wave, Aspen sees in the news that someone from the Blue has come to the surface. Traveling to the place she finds out that was Anya that came to the surface to ask for her help, but that had to wai beacuse a squadrom of soldiers was ready to fire on her, however Aspen reached Anya in time, stoping the bullets from hitting her, then convincing the soldiers to leave them be by hitting them with a wave.

Reuniting with Baha

After accepting to hepl Anya, Aspen takes them to Baha, asking for directions, is there that he tells them that they could find more informations in Mozkil, a pirate's den. There they come across an old foe. Kiani.

Teaming up with Kiani

Kiani attacks Aspen on first sight without knowing that she is helping her mother find her sister, and, after a intense fight Anya stops it by telling Kiani that Aspen is helping her search for her daughter and after some heitation on both parts, Aspen and Kiani agree to team up until they find the latter sister. Then, after a faight with a unkown species tey fight out who stole the baby.


Taras was the one that kidnapped Anya's baby, Kiani sister. Finding this, Aspen and Kiani start a fight with him for the baby defeating him, but in the last moment, he calls reinforcements that he uses to electrocute both Aspen and Kiani, allowing him to escape. Aspen is able to escape and free Kiani, fighting through the pain, Kiani then kills everyone except one guard that tells them where the child was taken. They quickly reach that place only to find out that Taras has already started to submit the baby to his and Vana's twisted ritual. Taras tries to stop them, holding them with tentacles created from sand.

In the End They Failed

They fought against Taras with everything they had, but after the intervention of Anya, Taras tells them that they are to late and enters the same recipient where the baby was. In a desperate move Kiani makes the whole place explode, making them think that Taras and the baby were dead. After this disaster Aspen is left heartbroken and when she returns to the house of her friend she lets herself cry for everything that happened.

Cold Destiny

The Black and the Ice

After a short fight with The Black soldiers, Aspen returned to Muria, and after being importunated by two guards, she finds out that the Elite guard of the city was now under the command of Killian.

Muria's Council

After a small talk to break the ice, again, Killian leads Aspen to the council, lead by Siphon, when she entered the Council room, Siphon and the rest were talking about expanding the Blue territory to Alcer. Aspen told about her findings and worries to the council, telling them also that she suspected Vana as being the responsible, but they desmissed such worries and suspicions arguing that she had no reasons to be on the tropics. They believed at the time that the wall of ice in Bleize was just a misunderstanding, but, when Aspen was about to leave and return to San Diego, a messanger telling that Andoria, a Blue city was destroyed. Aspen, Killian and a group of soldiers went to investigate only to find it covered in ice and it's inhabitants dead frozen. Soon after they were attacked by some black soldiers, loyal to Vana, confirming Aspen suspitions. After this exchange, Aspen leaves and returns to the surface.

Human-Blue Relations Team

When returning home to San Diego, Aspen and Judith watch the news as it's shows hundreds of Whales dead in the beaches, during the news, Judith recieves a call from Alan Sherwood arranging a meeting. Aspen and Judith meet with Alan in Santa Monica, and he presents them to the Human-Blue Relations Team, Aspen believes that she can help Alan and his team dealing with ice walls and the dead wales, but Alan is more interested in Aspen and in what makes her "tick". Aspen, learning Alan's true intentions leaves and the scientist tries to stop her, but she wont budge.

Reuniting with Chance Calloway

When Alan tries to press Aspen again, someone tells him to listen to her, and when all turn to see who he is they come face to face with Chance. After some refreshments, Aspen, Judith and Chance, they are talking about the latest events when a car, with no brakes, Aspen, using her water powers, takes everyone out of the way of the vehicle, then, she creates a wave that she ueses to stop the car. The man inside, still traumatized by these events, apologizes himself, justifying that he couldn't brake as he had no brakes. After these saving, she was surrounded by journalists wanting to interview her, but luckily she was saved by a car diven by Luzhin that took them, Aspen, Judith and Chance to a private airport from where Aspen, Change and Luzhin flown to Vladivostok, in Russia, more precisely to the Volna, where Luzhin shows them the constant lowering temperatures of the Earths Oceans. Shortly after, they find out that Volna is in fact a military facility that wants to use Aspen as a power scource to a battle suit they developed. Once more Aspen rejected the offer as she was used before time and time again. Luxzhin didn't take her rejection well and attacked her and Chance but Aspen readily stops the first attack, but beacuse of her refusal to kill, the Russian soldiers start firing on them, Aspen, in response creates a Template:Water Barrier, holding until Luzhin tells the soldiers to hold fire, opening a window and allowing them to escape on the Air-Water Craft. Shortly after escaping they were pursuided by two russian fighters, but, after one of them fires a missile, Change takes their craft underwater, escaping the battle and making them believe that Chance and Aspen were taken down. Under the sea, Chance took them to the Artic Circle.

Standof with Vana

Shortly after they reach the Artic Circle, Aspen takes some guards, and Chance, after that, takes posession of a Black gun, then they enter Vana's cave where they find Killia, right after he starts moving again. They were then found by some of the Vana's guards and then they finaly find Vana, after Kania travels to Muria and starts destroying it. Aspen is the first to attack, but Vana easily frozens the wave she created, that allows the three to try to escape, but Vana attacks Aspen and almost defeats her but Killian intervenes and stops her attack and allows Aspen to counter attack, but, once more, Vana freezes her waves, althouht she sufers somewhat with that attack, allowing Killian to finaly overpower Vana with a sneak attack, then he makes her open a portal through wich they go through only to find that they were to late.

Reconquering Muria

After seeing the destruction in Muria, Killian goes alone, and Aspen, after leaving Chance in relative safety swam beind him, trying to understand who could have done that kind of destruction, only to come face to face with the responsible, Kania. Kania can control the earth and can even dig deep and bring the magma to the surface, traping Aspen until Chance somehow provides a distraction, allowing her to escape the child's powers. The Aspen counter attacks. Using Chance's distraction, she takes Kania down. Meanwhile Kania's guards preocupied themselves with Chance, trying to take him down with their weapons, worried, Aspen creates a gigantic Blast, taking every soldier down. However they could not rest because Kania attacks again, traping Chance with a tentacle of sand, trying to force Aspen to choose between him or her, but Aspen chooses neither, she fires a beam of water agains Kania, making everything in the place she stood explode. But this didn't keep her down, after creating a helmet of liquid air arroud Chance's head Aspen turns her full attention do Kania. After a short exchange the child thinks Aspen is spent, but she is only toying with her, then, in a surprise attack she throws another beam of water against her finaly taking her down and opening the door to the final strike, but from nowhere, a beam of water hits Aspen taking her down. It was Killian that attacked Aspen in order to stop her to definitively defeat his daughter, and after explaining his reasons he allows her to go and never return, this way fullfiling his promise to her mother Anya of always keeping her safe. And after telling Aspen why he did it, he leaves Muria, leaving Aspen and Chance to return to the surface.

Typhos Awaken

The Banana Hammock

After each member of The Four Points goes their way, Aspen was surfing when her Boyfriend Chance tells her that he did a flyway and detected something deep in a sinkhole of the ocean. Aspen, curious goes investigate only to awaken some creature that was looking for her because she was, in part, a member of The Blue. After trying to talk with him, the creature attacks her and beacuse of the surprise the poweful punch throws Aspen out of the water. On the surface, Aspen was able to recover and attack the creature back. During this fight, the creature tells Aspen that he wants to rule the oceans. During the battle, Aspen also noticed that he could control the water just like her despite not being of The Blue. Then he thrwe a glaive at her, that only nicked her arm, cuting her, even though she changed her body density. Without her noticing, the tide carried them too close to the beach, so, the glaive that nearly missed, hit a building, endagering all the civilians in the street. Everyone was able to escape except a children that Aspen saved in the nick of time. That was when she became surrounded by people with Smart Phones, taking pictures of her. This caused everyone on the television, to talk about her and not everyone was nice. Aspen then returned to the fight, helping the police that at that time were fighting the same creature she fought before. Aspen entered the fight by attacking the creature with a Water Cannon, throuwing him into the ocean, far away from any civilian. They continued the fight at high sea, filmed by a chopter crew, attacked by the creature, Aspen had only time to save the crew, them making him swim to shore. While the creature kept saying that every living creature would be swept from the face of the earth. During the fight Aspen discovered that Typhos, that was the name of the creature, was very temperemental and widly irrational, and she readly exploited that weaknessess. She made him pursuit her throughout the globe until Alaska, where she imprisoned in ice, then takinh his glive, but, before she could ask him anything, Typhos killed himself. Later Aspen learned that Typhos was more than a simple Glaive, she calls it the Swiss Army Knife of the Weapons. It has a traking device, a Comunications tool, a full body armor that she can equip.

Confronting the Council

To find the true about what was happening, Aspen dragged the corpse of Typhos back to Muria and to the Council room, dumping it in front of The Blue Leaders, but they refused to act, saying that such event was "duly noted", forcing a sarcastic answer from Aspen to wich Siphon asked her if she was not pleased with the council actions. Aspen answered negatively saying that Typhos attacked a Human city, asking them if that wasn't worth more than a note taking. Siphon then justifys their inaction with wanting that matter not to be exposed to the public. This makes Aspen loose her patience and ask a very direct question wich catches the council off guard, but this question forced the council to tell Aspen the Blue's truth about that creature and those like it. After this explanation, Aspen asks for Cannon Hawke only to learn that he was on a dyplomatic mission on the surface. They then assign Virydis to help Aspen, but she immediatly acuses Aspen of being involved in Typhos relase, telling that the council will investigate her involvemente in the whole situation. Back at home with her friend, Aspen tells her that she was under investigation by the Clanvalor, the H.R. Department of The Blue. After this, Aspen and Chance meet and she asks him whhy he sent her there, but Chance jokes, and in response Aspen threats to kill him and throw him into a river. After this joke, Chance told Aspen that he was only following orders. Headquarters sent him that coordinates and told him to patrol that specific area. Chance didn't ask why. Then Typhos Glaive started beeping it's proximity alert when another of them attacked Aspen and Chance. After her bag was cut through, Aspen held her Glaive and in an instant, she was wearing her full body armor only to find out that her enemy flew into a comic book store where it changed form to escape her, Aspen is then stopped by several fans and this opens a chance to the creature to attack her. Chance tried to protect Aspen, but the creature was faster and easily disarmed him, then aspen trhows the Glaive but misses and after a short punch exchange Aspen uses the water of a kids bottle and attacks this Typhos, but it was able to hold Aspen's attack, but this distracts the Typhos during enough time to Chance find and throw at Aspen her glaive, and, after a punch she was able to overpower the Typhos asking then who sent her.

Return to the Surface

After the exchange in the comic book store, the Police easily found Aspen and her friend Tylor. This forced them to flee to Muria. There Aspen demands a council meeting but two of the three refuse, Siphon then extendes the Blue's Hospitality, only to be verbaly attacked by Virydis who calls Aspen a potential enemy. In her defense Aspen shows them a Water image of what happened earlier in the store, but Siphon says he doesn't know anything about a failsafe. During the fight Aspen took from the Typhos a bracelet that allowed its owner to take the form of any person the user wants. After this tempestous meeting a council member telss Aspen and Tylor that they will be staying under the care of Riley J Moss on the Tinihanga Island that he owns.

Riley's betrayal

While staying in Riley's safe house Aspen became suspicious of him and find the truth after disguise herself as a Black, but, before she could act of flee, she was taken down by Taras disguising himself as Cannon. Then Aspen finds out that Riley wants to cause a war between The Blue and United States, this causes Aspen to attack his puppets but Taras is able to stop her by holding Tyler with a Knife in her throat. Then suddenly Chance comes to her rescue, after she sent a distress call the day before and then The Blue capture Taras.

The Trial

Back in Muria, Taras tells the Council that it was him that told Chance the coordinates of the Typhos location and that his forces were attacking Australia at the same time he was there. She them pleads the Councli to activate a Fail Safe to stop another conflict.

The Fail Safe

Cannon and Taras then take Aspen to the Mariana's Trench wjhere he finaly reveals his plans. Cannon can kill all Typhos but wants something in return, that Aspen erases The Council and The Blue symbol, if not he will destroy Sydney and another human cities, then turning Muria into the ground zero for an Atomic attack.

The Wedding

After forcing Aspen to accept marrying him, Cannon makes a transmition where he kisses Aspen in front of the world, showing this way that he has her support in the takeover, but after the cameras are shut down, Aspen fights back, trying to punch him, ssaying that her friends always com around. However, when everyone less expected Siphon demanded a fight with Cannon that the later only won after cheating, enjuring Siphon with poison, this makes Aspen challenge Cannon for the reinstatement of the Council.

The Face behind the mask

During the show of previous to the fight Aspen saw somethin in Cannon's wrist that might explain his latest beahviour but said nothing, chalenging him to an unnarmed fight, spooring his pride, argumenting with her desire of a fair fight. He agrees and conter argues, dumpening her powers, making the fight more even. For a short time Cannon was able to overpower Aspen, but Aspen is able to turn him arround, making him lie with his back on the ground, aplying then an armbar, threatening break his arm, but before she could do it, the bracelet in his wrist broke, revealing the person behind the mask, Vyridis that understanding that her plan was destroyed attacked Aspen that was able to throw her against a stand with spears before badly hurting her and taking power. After this She returns the power to Siphon and the Council before retiring to San Diego and her new beach house with Tyler and Chance.

Brother's Keeper

Brother's Keeper

Home-World Bound

Enemy of my Enemies

Deep Uprising

Tyrants and Lovers

Artic Circle

My Brother, my Enemy

Long Lost

Anika's Connundrum



Family Spies

A Perfect Life

Part 5

Our Greatest Fear

=== Book 9 ===

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Submariner Biology
  • Hydrokinesis: Like all Blue, she can manipulate water, but since she is also a Black she can do this to a much greater degree than other Blues.
    • Karkrah Blast: Less Powerful version of the Energy Blast where Aspen shoots a blast of concentrated water against her enemy
    • Water Breathing: Like all Blues and Blacks, Aspen is able to breathe on land and while submerged in water due to special lungs. She can also talk unhindered while completely submerged
    • Tsunamis: She can instantly form tsunamis without even thinking about it
    • Tide Control: Aspen can make the tides go full or low at will
    • Stormy Ocean: This is not a power in itself, but Aspen can make the ocean even more destructive by combining it with storms
    • Liquid Construct Creation: She can form water into solid shapes or even make it sturdy enough to walk on
    • Liquid Manipulation: Aspen can control all liquids, except Mercury, allowing her to even change the flow of blood in someone's body or rip it out to kill them
  • Cryokinesis: She also has the potential for massive amounts of ice control, though it hasn't been shown yet


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Aspen demonstrates Basic Hand-to-Hand skills and as such she is capable of holding her own against most of her enemies.
  • Master Swimmer: Aspen has lived arround underwater her whole life. As such she is an expert in swimming and has taken to it as serious as competing in the 1988 Olympic Games in South Korea and winning the Gold Medal in Freestyle Swiming.
  • Diving
  • Surfing
  • Marine Biology: Aspen is extremely knowledgeable about things involving water and the ocean thanks to her extensive education and experience as a marine biologist


  • Vulnerability to Electricity: Although being able of Energy Control, Aspen is quite vulnerable to all kinds of electricity. Electricity can just make her weak or, if strong enough, can leave her unconscious





Aspen Matthews was ranked #46 in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list.


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