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Fathom was created by Michael Turner in 1998 for Top Cow at Image. This initial series (volume 1) comprised 14 issues, before 2002, when Turner was diagnosed with Cancer and severed his contract with Top Cow/Image. Talent Caldwell took over the penciling duties for the remainder of the Top Cow run of the Fathom universe. Turner's cancer eventually went into remission for a while. This resulted in him leaving Top Cow and creating his own company, Aspen MLT. However, after Turner left Top Cow, he was forced into a legal battle for the rights to the Fathom universe, which he eventually won. Aspen MLT relaunched the series in 2004 with interior art by a team, however he did work with the writers in the story plannings and special cover art.

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Over two decades ago, the ocean liner Paradise disappeared on the open sea. Ten years later it mysteriously returned, heavy one passenger. That extra passenger was a young girl named Aspen Matthews.

Adopted by Captain Matthews, a fellow passenger aboard the Paradise, Aspen grew up linked to the water—it was in her blood. As a marine biologist, she received an appointment to the team of the Deep Marine Discovery habitat.

DMD, a joint venture between the United States and Japan, was a permanent base on the sea floor, built to study something they found there...

Something not of our world...

It is the start of a whole new life for Aspen—But not in a way she could have ever imagined. An ocean of endless possibilities will open up before her... And the fate of two civilizations will rest in her hand.


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